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ViraVac offers innovative solutions to treating and preventing the most pressing infectious diseases around the world. Our vaccines portfolio goes beyond humans to pets, poultry, and livestock.

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Development of our intranasal COVID-19 vaccine



ViraVac, a subsidiary of ViraCorp, is a spin-out company from the Lancaster University, UK, one of the top universities of the country. ViraVac is a clinical stage vaccine development company that uses innovative antigen stabilisation approaches in constructing live-attenuated recombinant vectored vaccines to offer solutions to the most pressing infectious diseases within humans.

The company’s proprietary vaccine platform enables us to deploy an easy-to-administer vaccine using intranasal and sustained-release microneedle devices.

The ViraVac vaccine platform is based on 15 years of research by world-renowned virologist, Dr Muhammad Munir. ViraVac has established collaboration and is backed by leading institutions and pharmaceuticals including Lancaster University, Incepta, and Innoture amongst others.

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Innovative, non-invasive delivery methods — ViraVac is revolutionising vaccine delivery and expanding the scope for vaccine take-up worldwide.

Unique differentiators

What makes us different

Non-invasive delivery system

ViraVac vaccine vector is born for non-invasive delivery by virtue of the vaccine replication and its entry route.

Economical Production

ViraVac vaccines replicate in self-limited fashion, where only a small number of vaccine particles are needed to make a vaccine dose, and our vaccines are produced in well-established substrates recognised globally. These features make us unique in rapidly responding to emerging infectious threats and significantly reducing production costs.

Easier Distribution

The vectored vaccines are very stable from -20 ̊C to + 34 ̊C, making it much easier and cheaper to transport and store, and offering the perfect solution for developing countries and remote communities.

Low Healthcare Infrastructure Requirements

We have an established track record in intranasal and slow releasing patch technologies. Training to administer an intranasal and/or patch vaccine is quick and straightforward. Ideal for countries where trained healthcare professionals are scarce. Suitable alternative for people with needle anxiety and other medical conditions.

Safety of ViraVac Vaccine Platform

Protective efficacy and safety of the ViraVac vaccine platform have been demonstrated for decades against 12 different pathogens in several animal species, such as poultry (chicken, ducks, turkeys), rodents (mice and hamster), non-human primates (macaques), mammals (guinea pigs, cattle, sheep, pigs, ferrets), among others.

A multi-faceted approach to protecting the world’s health.

ViraVac is part of ViraCorp

ViraCorp, through its subsidiaries, are a group of biomedical research and development companies, on a mission to improve the health outcomes for as many of the world’s population as possible.

Specifically focusing on protecting and preventing the disastrous humanitarian and economic impacts of viral outbreaks, pandemics and endemic infections, ViraCorp is taking an innovative, disruptive approach to developing viral defence products.

ViraCorp has a formidable combination of unique Intellectual Property, world-class Researchers and facilities, and a multidisciplinary, seasoned Management Team that uniquely position it for success.

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ViraCorp Brands

Three pillars of protection

ViraCorp is a multifaceted holding company that provides corporate governance, strategic management, and pooled resource support to its subsidiaries in various biotechnology and medical verticals. ViraCorp also engages actively in philanthropy and humanitarian support via a number of foundations and charitable organisations.


A patent pending coating with Antiviral & Antimicrobial properties applied to PPE to start eliminating COVID-19, other viruses, and bacteria within minutes.

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An innovative rapid response test kit for SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza. ViraCheck’s testing apparatus has been refined to be highly effective in obtaining an accurate result within 5 minutes of taking a sample. The testing kit is extremely space efficient in comparison to other competitors.

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A vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 which has, in initial testing, proven effective against all emerging variants including the exploding Indian variant. The vaccine addresses all of the primary risks and shortfalls with the current vaccines in the market.

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