Temperature, humidity and outdoor air quality indicators influence COVID-19 spread rate and mortality in major cities of Saudi Arabia

Ismail, I., Rashid, M., Ali, N., Altaf, B., Munir, M. expected in 2022 In: Environmental Research. 204, Part B, 10 p.


Immunogenicity and Protective Efficacy of an Intranasal Live-attenuated Vaccine Against SARS-CoV-2

Park, J., Oladunni, F.S., Rohaim, M.A., Whittingham-Dowd, J., Tollitt, J., Hodges, M.D., Fathallah, N., Assas, M.B., Alhazmi, W., Almilaibary, A., Iqbal, M., Chang, P., Escalona, R., Shivanna, V., Torrelles, J.B., Worthington, J.J., Jackson-Jones, L.H., Martinez-Sobrido, L., Munir, M. 30/09/2021 In: iScience. 24, 9

An artificial intelligence-assisted portable low-cost device for the rapid detection of sars-cov-2

Tharmakulasingam, M., Chaudhry, N., Fernando, A., Branavan, M., Balachandran, W., Poirier, A., Rohaim, M., Munir, M., La Ragione, R. 26/08/2021 In: Electronics (Switzerland). 10, 17, 13 p.

Comparative infectivity and transmissibility studies of wild-bird and chicken-origin highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses H5N8 in chickens

Rohaim, M., El Naggar, R., Madbouly, Y., AbdelSabour, M., Ahmed, K., Munir, M. 1/02/2021 In: Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. 74, 9 p.


A Scalable Topical Vectored Vaccine Candidate Against SARS-CoV-2

Rohaim, M.A., Munir, M. 24/08/2020 In: Vaccines. 8, 3, 16 p.


Biological characterization of wild-bird-origin avian avulavirus 1 and efficacy of currently applied vaccines against potential infection in commercial poultry

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Infectivity of wild bird-origin avian paramyxovirus serotype 1 and vaccine effectiveness in chickens

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Publication Image
Mononegaviruses of Veterinary Importance, Volume 2
Molecular Epidemiology and Control

Edited by: Muhammad Munir, Lancaster University, UK


Publication Image
Mononegaviruses of Veterinary Importance, Volume 1
Pathobiology and Molecular Diagnosis

Edited by: Muhammad Munir, Lancaster University, UK


Sequencing and analysis of the complete genome of Newcastle disease virus isolated from a commercial poultry farm in 2010

Munir, M., Zohari, S., Abbas, M., Berg, M. 1/04/2012 In: Archives of Virology. 157, 4, p. 765-768. 4 p.

Genomic and biological characterization of a velogenic Newcastle disease virus isolated from a healthy backyard poultry flock in 2010

Munir, M., Abbas, M., Khan, M., Zohari, S., Berg, M. 17/02/2012 In: Virology Journal. 9, 11 p.


Whole genome sequencing and characterization of a virulent Newcastle disease virus isolated from an outbreak in Sweden

Munir, M., Linde, A.M., Zohari, S., Ståhl, K., Baule, C., Engström, B., M Renström, L.H., Berg, M. 1/10/2011 In: Virus Genes. 43, 2, p. 261-271. 11 p.

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